The Creation of Our Solar System (Short Story)

Sunfire flew away from her pursuer at full speed. She was never the fastest dragon, or the largest, but she was agile. She dodged through and around asteroids with grace in hopes that King Draxton would crash into one of the space rocks. He was a great warrior of his time, but his time had passed since then in gluttony and leisure. Sunfire needed a chance to make a clean break before Drax caught up to her. If he caught her, she’d surely be thrown in a prison cell for the rest of her centuries to come. 

She bobbed and weaved, flying through open space with speed like a graceful comet. Her skin reflected light here and there, but she kept her fire within to not give away her location as she skimmed in and out of asteroid clusters. 

Sunfire came to a large asteroid she could hide her entire body behind. She breathed deeply to remain quiet as she recovered from her spurt of flying and dodging. She listened intently, trying to quiet her racing heartbeat. 

BOOM! “You little —” Sunfire heard Drax scream across space with thunderous anger. All twelve realms could have heard his cries. 

This is my chance, Sunfire thought to herself, he must have hit something. She pushed off the asteroid and flew as fast as she possibly could towards the realm barrier. 

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Sunfire entered the Center. She was free, but she couldn’t relax yet. She had a choice to make. Twelve doors made a circle around the Divine Nucleus. Which door would be safest? A sense of urgency overtook Sunfire and she rushed to the door that dragons had been avoiding for centuries. She took a deep breath and took one final glance back over her shoulder. With full force and speed, Sunfire flew into the Dark Dimension.

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There were few ways to describe the Dark Dimension other than black. An endless darkness spread out light years beyond Sunfire’s enhanced vision. She flew silently. The silence of the Dark Dimension was even more haunting than the eternal black. 

Where could she go when there was nowhere to go? Sunfire had never been to this dimension before, but she had heard stories her entire life about the parasitic ghosts and phantoms that filled every twist and turn. 

With no destination in sight, Sunfire figured the best idea would be to put as much distance as possible between her and the realm exit. She flew at full speed in the opposite direction, creating a larger barrier of space that any followers would have to travel. Most dragons, even Drax, would be hesitant to enter the Dark Dimension, though. She was setting herself up for a clean escape, as long as the ghosts of the realm left her alone. 

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For months, Sunfire survived alone in the darkness, though she was never lonely. She was free – free of the perilous chains King Draxton had trapped her with for hundreds of years. She was free of the noise that her once beautiful dragon species had slowly become through war and greed. And of course, she was never really alone. 

Finally the time came for Sunfire to pick a spot to lay her glorious eggs. She ran away to save her babies, but in the process had saved herself as well. Children can be great motivations in which to change a tumultuous life into something better. 

She picked a spot for her nest. By now she was an eternity away from the portal door. She gently laid her first egg. She smiled at the small, round wonder before laying the next. One by one Sunfire dropped her eggs into her powerful gravity. Each one was of unique size and color. After her ninth and final egg safely entered the universe, Sunfire took her place in the center as each egg began to gracefully orbit around her illuminating light. 

As her eggs incubated in her eternal heat, centuries passed in peace, safety, and freedom. 

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