April 20 Update

Sunday, I threw up macaroni and my dog ate it.

Monday, I wanted to die.

Tuesday, I almost died.

Today, though…today was not bad. I saw Batman and met a newborn. I also ate honey bbq chicken.

Wednesday, can’t complain.

12 Major Destroyers of Happiness

Happiness is often hard. But why is such a simple concept so difficult to achieve for most of us? Why do we spend most of our time so incredibly unhappy? For most people, the reasons causing unhappiness vary. However, here are 12 major destroyers of happiness that we’re all guilty of utilizing everyday. Sometimes we do these things unknowingly, but the first step towards happiness is contradicting the items on this list and making conscious efforts to stop these bad habits:

1 – Having unrealistic expectations for how things “should” be.

You’ll never be able to enjoy the now if you’re too focused on how things should be. Who sets those expectations anyway? Mostly we get ideas about how life should be from celebrities, T.V. shows, movies, media, etc. Your life isn’t a movie, but it’s still a life worth being happy about. It’s okay to have goals and strive for more, but don’t let achieving the goals get in the way of general joy.

2 – Comparing yourself to others.

Comparing ourselves to others – whether it’s looking at careers, weight/appearance, material items, houses, the way our kids behave – literally anything – comparing is no good at all. No good will come from it. Strive to be better than your yesterday self. Don’t worry about what others are up to in their lives.

3 – Seeing others on social media and thinking their lives are perfect.

We tend to only see the tip of the iceberg when looking at someone’s social media page. Most people only post their best moments. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these people never have bad moments. We all have good days and bad days, even the professional posters on social media.

4 – Listening and trusting every word the media says.

The media tends to be negative no matter what the subject matter is. Take everything with a hint of skepticism if you are interested in watching the news and daily updates from the media.

5 – Rushing through life.

Take time to stop and “smell the flowers.” When something makes you smile, stop and allow yourself to be happy for a moment instead of immediately moving on.

6 – Negative self-talk.

The worst bully we have is typically the voice inside our own heads. Don’t bully yourself and say mean things all day because you’ll never be able to enjoy anything in life.

7 – Negative friends.

Some people are walking lessons of how not to be. Learn from negative friends, but distance yourself. It’s hard to stay positive if you are around negativity all day.

8 – Regretting.

Let it go. Make peace with your demons. Nothing kills the mood like bad memories and harsh regrets. The past is over. Don’t let it ruin your now.

9 – Judging others.

Judging others is the action of those who are insecure with themselves. For some reason, it briefly makes us feel better when we criticize others. But in the long run, it only serves to fuel our own self-judgement. Stop judging others and you will learn to stop judging yourself.

10 – Failing to take good care of yourself.

Self care isn’t selfish – it’s vital. Take good care of your mind and body and you’ll open up the opportunity to be happy.

11 – Not making time for fun.

Fun is also vital. Break out of the work-eat-sleep cycle a couple times each week and have some genuine fun.

12 – Thinking we are alone in our struggles.

Everyone we meet is going through something difficult. The second we all realize this is the second we quit having pity parties and start connecting with others. Feeling alone is beyond damaging. A major way to work through issues is to see others living life and conquering their demons, too.

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12 Important Reminders for Everyday of Life

Thank you for being alive today and living life. No matter who you are and what you are facing in your personal life right now, there are 12 things you need to remember:

1 – You are good enough

Nothing else matters. You are doing all that you can and that is plenty. Be proud, relax, and do your thing.

2 – You have value

Value is innate and you were born with it. You do not have to earn or prove your value.

3 – You have worth

You are a priceless human soul and you deserve to be treated with kindness regardless of status, occupation, appearances, etc. You are a person living in this world and that alone makes you worthy. 

4 – You deserve love

Love and acceptance are another gift that all humans deserve. You are a beautiful soul who requires and deserves love.

5 – You deserve happiness

Happiness is a concept of the mind we tend to deny ourselves for various reasons – whether it’s education, financial stress, guilt, relationship issues, etc. The first step in finding happiness is knowing that you deserve to find it. We all have issues, it’s only natural. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to be happy on top of it all.

6 – You are capable

Whatever you happen to be battling in this life, you are capable of overcoming anything that comes your way.

7 – You’ll be fine

Life can throw trying challenges at each of us, and at times everything can become overwhelming. Take a deep breath and know that with time, you’ll be fine. You’ll be okay.  All storms run their course and then fizzle out. Stay strong, and hang on.

8 – You can do it 🙂

Be confident, always, because no matter the scenario, you are strong enough to make it through. You are a wonderful, powerful soul.

9 – You’re only human

You are a person and shouldn’t hold yourself to superhuman standards or unrealistic expectations. Remember that you’re only human and you have limits, boundaries, and needs just like everyone else.

10 – It’s okay and necessary to rest

Rest is often seen as “lazy” or “weak.” Rest is neither of those things, it’s absolutely necessary for sanity and health. If you are feeling overwhelmed, try taking some time off for yourself to rest and recuperate. Put work and chores to the side for just a moment and allow yourself to relax.

11 – Crying is okay

Shedding tears is another action that’s frowned upon and mistaken as being a weakness. Taking a minute to release tears is often very relieving. It can make you feel better afterward. Don’t hold back, let it all out and release the pain.

12 – Your future belongs to you alone

Everyday we see and hear myths about who we are supposed to be, what we’re supposed to look like, and how we should be living. Remember that your future belongs to you and never let anyone, especially ads and the media, tell you what your life has to look like. Create your own life. Be yourself.

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