363 – The Princess

She’s a chapstick bandit

Loves gummies and candy

Super sweet with sass

So helpful, yet so bad

She’s an angel from above

With some fire from below

Loves barbies and makeup

And motorcycles and reptiles

Catches frogs at dawn

In a sparkly princess dress

Dances to Jesus Loves Me

And all things Cocomelon

Likes action movies and heroes

Unicorns and ponies

Doesn’t eat much

But she’ll always eat

Chips and French fries

Loves her momma

Loves her brothers

Loves her sister too

Though they butt heads

They’re much the same

Sweet like her momma

Stubborn like her daddy

Dinosaurs and unicorns

She likes to cuddle at night

She cares for her babies

And does what she wants

She tries to be grown

While sucking her thumb

She likes being the boss

The boss of everyone

She was just an infant

When we met

But even back then I knew

We were destined to be

Best friends

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