357 – Loving Pets Too Much

It is both a blessing and a curse to love these animals so very deeply.

When they pass on, it’s a silver bullet through my sensitive heart. I mourn like a mother mourns a lost child. It’s pain so excruciating I wonder why I ever get myself into these vulnerable situations.

But when they’re here – oh man, it’s all worth it. All those kisses and warm feelings, seeing how excited they get when I get back home, wagging tails, soft cuddles, long walks – it adds so much joy to life. Companionship, loyalty, bonds…family.

Yes, it’s painful when they go. And it hurts when they’re no longer around. But every ounce of pain is worth every moment of joy and happiness they brought into my life.

Thank you, furry companions – past, present, and future – for the heartwarming happiness you have / will have given me.

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